Yoga, Myth & Magic Workshop 2 Lakshmi - Abundance and Harmony With Rosemary Booker - Price £25

Saturday 15th June 2019 from 9.30am - 11.30am

Lakshmi – Abundance and Harmony
Lakshmi is the consort of the Lord Vishnu. She is one of the most popular goddesses of Hindu mythology and is known as the goddess of wealth and purity.
Lakshmi is the divine power that transforms dreams into reality she is the energy that brings you home to yourself, she represents your innermost radiance.
Focusing on the qualities of Lakshmi you will have the opportunity to come home to yourself, experience the generosity of spirit by freeing up the stagnant energies within the your body by using the yogic practices of dynamic asana building to our own heart opening rhythm, pulsation of your own inner harmony and oneness with spirit.
This 2 hours Yoga, Myth & Magic Workshop will awaken you to your own inner abundance and who does not love a great, I look forward to sharing the depth and richness of yoga with you. Blessings Rosemary


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