Our online booking system is simple to use.

Click on OUR SCHEDULE in the drop down menu.


Select date that you’d like to book a class. (Please note you can only book classes 14 days in advance)

Then choose your class and click on the booking link next to it.

You’ll then be taken to our online booking system if its your first time booking online, you’ll  need to fill out your details,  add in your email address and create password.

After that you can just log in and go.

Another way to book is through the MINDBODY APP, click on GO MINDBODY at the bottom of our homepage.


How far in advance can I book classes? – Classes can be booked 14 days in advance.

How do I cancel a class? – If you can no longer attend a class and you need to cancel , this can be done up to 12 hours before the class starts and the class will then be credited back into your account. This timeline then gives people on the wait list the chance to book into the class. If you do not cancel your reservation 12 hours before you will be charged for the class and it will be debited from your account.

Can I call or email my teacher to cancel?  – Sorry no, the only way to book and cancel a class is online we do not take bookings or process cancellations by email or phone.

How do I book a workshop or masterclass? – All workshops and masterclasses are booked through our online booking system, we do not take bookings by email or phone.  It’s easy to book just click on the link next to the workshop that you wish to attend, please note all workshops are non-refundable.

Can I use credit in my packages to pay for workshops or masterclasses? – Sorry no all workshops and masterclasses need to be paid for individually and once booked are non-refundable.

How do I view my bookings? – Login on our website with your email and username or through the MINDBODY APP