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Guide To Finding The Right Class For You

Fitness & Yoga Fusion – An energetic class mixing Body Conditioning with weights, standing Yoga sequences, Ab’s & Core work finishing with a relaxing Yoga stretch.

Gym & Body Conditioning – A mix of cardio machines, cables and free weights, some sessions may also include Spinning, Step Aerobics & Interval Training.

Gentle Yoga Flow – Whatever level yoga student you are, this is a lovely meditative class linking movement with breath. It’s easy on the wrists with attention placed on alignment, technique and how to enter and exit the asanas (postures) safely.

Yin & Yang Yoga – Relax your body and de-stress your mind with Classic Hatha, Sun Salutations and Creative Flows. Passive Yin postures are also weaved into the class working into the deeper connective tissues, ligaments, tendons & fascia. This class is suitable for students with more that 6 month’s experience yoga practice.

Total Body Conditioning – Exactly what it says on the tin! Low Impact Strength & Conditioning with weights working upper body, lower body, Ab’s and Core. A great workout whether you are a beginner or a regular exerciser.




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Mens Warm Yoga Stretch – No previous Yoga experience required. Easy to follow yoga stretch perfect for if you play sport, sit a desk or spend a lot of time driving to stretch out tight & tired muscles. The studio is heated to 25 degrees using the therapeutic heat from the far-infrared heaters which is very healing on the body.

Beginners Yoga – If you are new to yoga or maybe have been out of practice for a while this class will be the perfect session for you. Starting with the basics: how to set up your practice space, what props are, how and when to use props to assist you in postures, common language used, and studio etiquette.