We have plenty of onsite FREE secure parking, please arrive 5-10 minutes before your session, walking in late disrupts the class. If you arrive early and the studio door is closed wait quietly in the lobby as another class may still be in progress.

The studio is a no shoe zone, please leave shoes, coats and personal belongings in the cloakroom area in the lobby, only water bottles, yoga mats and towels are allowed in the studio.

No mobile phones in the studio.

On arrival please check in with your teacher. If you are working with any injuries, disabilities or could be pregnant inform your teacher.

Please stay for the whole class, if there is an occasion when you do have to finish early let the teacher know and discuss when would be an appropriate time for you to leave which will not disrupt the class.

We do provide mats and props however for hygiene reasons you may prefer to bring your own mat. If you do use a Yoga Tree Studios mat please clean it at the end of your session.

If you are attending a hot or warm class towels are mandatory. If you do forget your towel they are available to hire for £2 or you can purchase a Yoga Tree Studios sweat towel for £20.

Before you leave the studio your teacher will give you the exit code for the carpark gates, for security reasons the gate code changes daily.