Becca Mclachlan - Resident teacher

Founder of Yoga Tree Studios

When I first discovered Yoga, I had already been working as a health and fitness professional for over thirty years across multiple modalities, helping my clients to exercise and develop their physical bodies. It was the discipline of the physical practice and it’s benefits on strength and flexibility that first drew me to yoga. As I immersed myself deeper I began to experience the wider mental, spiritual and emotional benefits which come with regular practice and so began a new and exciting inward journey.

As my job had always been to help people feel good and live healthier lives, I felt the calling to take the next step from yoga student to teacher and therefore set out to qualify as a yoga teacher. I completed my 200-hour yoga teacher training with FLY at Suryalila in Spain, Hot Yoga Teacher Training with Kathy Ran and Yin Yoga & Mindfulness Level 1 & 2 with Sara Lo in the UK.  My yoga journey has also taken me to India and Bali which helped me develop my own personal practice and teaching skills via workshops and training with some amazing teachers who have helped to refine and broaden my understanding. My teaching has also been hugely influenced by two incredible teachers closer to home Rosemary Booker and Brigitte Riley.

I’m very passionate about yoga and it’s guiding principles and the wide-ranging health benefits that it brings. I feel extremely blessed and fortunate to have found my true vocation, one which continues to excite and nourish me on both a personal and professional level.

My mission now is to introduce as many people as I can to this beautiful practice so they can personally experience the life-enhancing power of yoga and reclaim the strength, the peace, and the light that already exists inside of them.

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