YIN YOGA WORKSHOP - Nourish your overworked digestive system with Rosemary Booker - Price £25

Friday 10th January 2020 from 7pm until 9pm
A nourishing evening of yin yoga designed to nurture the post-festive digestive system.  
Ayurveda (the sister science of yoga) teaches that good digestion leads to good health and poor digestion can bring disease.
Digestion takes energy so when our system is not working at optimal capacity we can feel tired, sluggish, life can feel a little bit like an uphill challenge or like wading through mud !
So here is your opportunity to gently kick start your system with a nourishing Yin Yoga practice, focussing on enlivening breath work, poses to gently stimulating the key meridians of digestion to leave you feeling lighter and brighter ready to take on the year. 

This nurturing workshop will take you through a specific series of poses. Aimed at improving joint mobility, cultivating flexibility and help you heal yourself by releasing deep seated tension, breaking up blockages and thus encouraging easier flow of energy around the body, moving you out of negative emotions.

You’ll discover balance and find a deep peace in your body & mind.  After the physical part of the practice you will release yourself totally with a deep restorative Shavasana.

Its always a good nights sleep after our monthly Yin practice


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