Warm Pilates with Caroline Brennan - £15 or book this session using a class pass

Saturday 25th January 2020 from 4pm - 5.15pm

Utilising the wonderful infrared radiant heating panels in the studio here at Yoga Tree, enjoy a series of Pilates movements that will stabilise and strengthen your core. The studio uses heat that safely warms the skin and speeds up the process of producing sweat, by gently raising the body temperature.

Doing Pilates in the heat helps boost your metabolism and adds a cardio aspect to the
workout. In the heat your heart rate increases much like going for a jog but without the impact on your joints.
This 75 minute class will always follow the key principals of Pilates and therefore is safe for the beginner to the more intermediate student.
Expect to sweat, so bring a towel for your mat, the sweating is also great for your skin and increasing circulation.
I am very excited to share this class with you, so come along and let’s have some fun in the warm booking for this class opens from 11/01/2020


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