Warm Detox Flow with Rosemary Booker is now FULL

Saturday 12th January 2019 from 8.30am until 10.00am

Christmas is over and we are all in need of bringing about a state of balance and ease in our bodies this Warm Detox flow is intelligently designed to support your body’s own detoxification processes.

Expect a mindful, therapeutic class laced with twist, deep stretching and breath within an intelligent designed Yoga flow. This class will build strength, increase flexibility whilst encouraging better blood and lymphatic flow to encourage the body to safely detox.

There are three main systems of the body that play a crucial role in the elimination of wastes — circulatory, digestive and lymph.

  • The circulatory system pumps blood throughout the body, delivering oxygen to and carrying waste products away from cells.
  • The digestive system processes the food we eat, separating nutrients from waste and eliminating anything the body doesn’t need.
  • The lymphatic system collects intracellular fluid from throughout the body and transports it to the lymph nodes where anything harmful (such as bacteria or other contaminants) can be removed before the lymphatic fluid is returned to the bloodstream.

These are robust system that works well on their own but in order to help your body keep up with the heavy demands of our stressful lives, Christmas excess and nutrient-poor modern diet place on them, the trick is to give your body an assist so it can perform its natural detoxing function and yoga is an ideal companion.

This Warm Detox flow, with its focus on systematically stretching and compressing every part of the body, is particularly well-suited to keeping the waste-removal departments of the body functioning well.

If your feeling that your body is in need of a little support, then come on over and lets support this amazing body with the treat of an intelligent, focused and fun Yoga practice.


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