The Golden Pause - The Ocean With Maite Isabel £15 or book this session using a class pass booking Opens 02/03/20

Sunday 15th March 2020 from 1pm - 2pm

The Golden Pause:
‘Heal yourself, heal your planet.’

Who is it for?
What can I expect?

Approximately thirty minutes of mindfulness sensory experiences,
perception exercises, and a bit of talk in a fun and informal group
setting. Some beautiful mindfulness poetry and quotes, and a planet theme.

What will I gain?

Some real understanding of mindfulness squeezed into a tiny space of
30 minutes but with rich content, and hopefully with already a couple of
fresh approaches to use in your daily life. A meditative experience of
approximately 30 minutes which will help set the work we have done,
whilst giving you that blissful golden pause in your day. A healing hour
where a donation will be given to a charity that works with the theme of the Golden Pause session.

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