The Arm Balances within Ashtanga With Ness Sherry - Price £25

Sunday 16th June 2024 from 2pm - 4pm

Held within the teachings of the Ashtanga Vinyasa System are all the elements that you need to connect to, to find the power and strength to support you in your arm balances.  Connecting to Bandha, Breath and Dristi Ness will move you through the half primary series, you will discover the internal strength required as you play with, and break down the arm balances bhujapidasana and the tradition to bakasana, and kukkutasana. These postures will challenge you to be humble, embrace your fears, boost your confidence, and connect you to your playful spirit.

This Ashtanga masterclass will help you to understand how to apply techniques in order to get lift-off and defy gravity with confidence, encourging you to be open to all possibilities. You will be met exactly where you are and given the tools you need to progress at your level.

Come and join Ness and delve deeper into the teachings of this beautiful practice.

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