Teacher Training - Master the art of hands on assists and adjustments – translating energy through touch With Brigitte Riley

Saturday 16th May 2020 from 9.30am - 5.30am

Weekend CPD 2 Day Teacher training workshop

Master the art of hands-on assists and adjustments – translating energy through touch.

Master the art of hands om and how to skilfully translate energy through touch as well as learn the key differences between a hands on assist  – versus an hands on adjustment, as well as techniques that sensitively cultivate, communicate and exchange energy to your students via touch.

What you’ll learn

How to stabilise mobile body parts and mobilise stuck body parts through;

  1. Assists that are grounded – to offer support but without force
  2. Assists that are intuitive, energetic-to offer sensitivity, feeling and compassion.
  3. Adjustments that correct misalignments – how to offer a stronger adjustment when necessary.

We will look to see where free movement in an asana already exists and an adjustment may not be required, but instead the movement of energy via an assist, but also when there is a disruption or a block in energetic flow or misalignment that may be better shifted through a firmer adjustment.

For more info on this training, costs and payment;   http://brigitteyoga.co.uk/training/march-2020-cpd-teacher-training-hands-on-assists-adjusts-northampton/


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