Mother & Daughter Yoga Workshop with Zoe Carroll - Price £30 (FULLY BOOKED)

Saturday 23rd February 2019 from 2pm-4pm

Zoe’s Mother and Daughter Yoga Workshop will give you both a chance to move, laugh, relax and spend quality time together.

Zoe started teaching her daughter yoga as soon as she was born, with baby massage. She had already benefitted from the relaxing energy of yoga as Zoe participated in beautiful weekly classes for both her and her baby during pregnancy. Her daughter went along to weekly classes with Zoe, when she was pregnant with her next child, and it was amazing to see how the babies relaxed and became settled as the class entered the relaxation at the end of the session. As she grew they had fun doing yoga at home to videos (in a world before the internet or even DVDs!!) and then as a teenager they attended classes together. Zoe has seen for herself how yoga can build confidence, and enable girls and young women to feel empowered and move beyond barriers (perceived or real). Most recently they spent a week together on a yoga retreat; which was the trigger for Zoe finally completing her teaching qualification.

You will participate in a range of postures chosen to tap into your feminine energy, and consider the special relationship between a mother and her daughter. The breath will be fundamental and you will begin to learn the three part yoga breath or improve this technique if you are experienced yogi!

Working with the breath, you will explore some techniques for meditation/mindfulness. Together you will consider when you may like to use them and how these can be of benefit – for instance to help induce calm feelings or encourage sleep. This can be a great skill to learn, and can have life long benefits.

This workshop will be nurturing and an opportunity for you to take some time to value yourself and your relationship. We all need to take time to grow and develop and there is nothing better than a shared interest to improve time spent together.

Minimum age is 10 years old.

The price includes 1 or 2 daughters. (Daughters only please this offer is not open to daughters friends).  When you have booked your place through our online booking system please email to confirm how many daughters you will be attending the class.


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