Family Stress Buster Yoga Workshop  (for you and your teenager) with Zoe Carroll - Price £25

Sunday 28th April 2019 from 2pm-4pm

Would you and your teenager like the opportunity to learn some yoga techniques that can help you both to manage the stresses encountered, both at home and at school?

This workshop will be a fun opportunity to consider factors which can trigger stress within the family, and alleviate the impact. Zoe will explain the physiological symptoms of stress, and introduce some yoga techniques which can help you both learn how to take control and feel empowered to manage all that life throws at you.

You will also consider how to achieve balance in your lives and create an environment for healthy choices. Yogis are taught to value themselves and understand the importance of taking responsibility. These ideas will be developed within the context of yoga postures, breathing techniques and the introduction of some simple meditation techniques, all of which will develop a more mindful approach to life. As the exam season approaches, the aim is to give you both an opportunity to relax and reflect and leave with some useful tips on how to improve your wellbeing over the next few weeks and months.

Zoe has five children, four of them boys!                                                                      They are aged 13 to 27, and many exam seasons have been successfully negotiated!!!

Exams and family stress are never far away, and over the last 28 years, yoga has provided many useful ideas and philosophies to aid all of the family. Zoe loves to share her passion for yoga in a realistic and teen-friendly way. Whilst she knows she doesn’t have all the answers she has many years of experience that have contributed to a varied and fun approach to staying sane in this fast-paced life that we all lead.

Minimum age is 13 years old.

The price includes 1 or 2 teenagers (Family members only please this offer is not open to bring along your teenager’s friends).  When you have booked your place through our online booking system if you are bringing more than one teenager please email so we can reserve an extra mat.


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