Men's Hot Stretch Taster Class with Becca, Naz & Paula is now FULL

Tuesday 15th January 2019 from 19.30 - 20-30
This flexibility class is designed especially for Men focuses on developing range of mobility while lengthening tight and short muscles.
This session is perfect if you play sport to complement your training routine or if your job involves sitting for hours in a car or at a desk. The room is heated to a cosy 30-32 degrees using our underfloor heating and the therapeutic heat from our far-infrared heating panels which encourages tense and stressed muscles to relax.
What to bring:
A water bottle
A beach towel or yoga towel
What to wear:
Shorts & Training Top/T-shirt/Vest
Bare feet (Our studio is a no shoe zone)
 Mats and props are provided
Please aim to arrive 10 minutes before the session.


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