Connect To Your CORE With Caroline Brennan - Price £15

Saturday 11th May 2019 from 9.30am-11am

In this Pilates evolved workshop you will reconnect with your body, with movement that combine strength with relaxation; to help lighten the load on your spine and joints by correcting muscular imbalance due to bad posture or misuse of muscles and alleviate tensions.

You’ll rediscover your body’s natural movement patterns and understand your CORE is more than just your abs, it’s a whole body connection. Expect to explore awareness of your body and how it moves and how to adapt movement patterns for  your posture or injury or just wear and tear.

Caroline was first introduced to Pilates when training as a Personal Trainer and Sports Therapist  over 19 years ago. She was intrigued about the practice and how the chronology of Pilates movements benefited the overall health and well being.  After completing her training Caroline taught in Gyms around Northampton , both as a Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor, it was during these years that Yoga became part of her practice and realised that Yoga could be incorporated into Pilates and was inspired to train as a Yoga teacher.

She is Fully Certified Instructor and a member of the Register of Exercise Professional.

  • Personal Trainer Dip/NASM
  • Sports Therapist and Body Massage IHHT
  • Nutritional Advisor MNAR
  • Pilates – Central YMCA Level 3
  • Pink Ribbon – Rehabilitative Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist
  • Yoga (Inner Healing School of Yoga) IYN Level 3
  • Body Balance Reformer 1 and 2 Training Certificate
  • Body Balance Arc Training Certificate
  • APPI (Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute)
    • Pilates and the Theraband
    • Pilates and Shoulder Rehabilitation
    • 3D Standing Pilates
    • Secretes of Back Rehabilitation.
    • Pilates and Osteoporosis
  • Aerobics and Aqua YMCA certificate.
  • Touch For Health Healer
  • Reiki – Level 1

Caroline’s passion in Movement Therapy means that the above list is not inclusive and there are many more CPD workshops that she has attended to give her inspiration into the delights of Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Primal Movement.


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