'Yogabeing' Baby Massage & Baby Yoga Taster Class with an invitation to stay after the class for tea & chat - With Nicky Hall - Price £15

Monday 3rd June 2019 from 12.45pm - 1.45pm

Why Baby Massage?

Your touch, love and time are the most precious things to give your new baby. A child can be fed and sheltered but research proves that without love they will not thrive.

Baby massage will help you strengthen that loving bond of attachment in a small nurturing group. 

You will learn about non-verbal cues and be introduced to safe hands on( just your own) baby massage techniques to use to soothe, stimulate and ease distress. Happy baby happy home, at some point your baby may have tummy problems and colic and massage can help.

Nicky created “ Yogabeing” to support families through the cycles of life and has worked with the LA delivering holistic support, care, and therapeutic parenting for over 25 yrs and is registered with The HCPC. She also teaches pregnancy yoga, family yoga and adult yoga across the county.



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