Autumn Ashtanga With Ness Sherry - Hip Opening Within The Practice Releasing & Letting Go - £25

Sunday 25th October 2020 from 10am -12pm ( clocks change so have a lie-in)

Most yoga postures ask for an openness through the full range of motion of our hips, yet through much sitting in chairs and driving of cars, not to mention an array of emotions that get caught up in the hips and pelvis, we are often quite tight in at least one of the hip opener directions.

Ashtanga’s Primary Series assumes that we have these openings and it can be a real sticking point for us.  In this workshop explore ways to find a release in the hips, whether its to find a deepening to sit in baddha konasana, lotus or just more comfortable when sitting crossed-legged.

Limited to a socially distanced 8 people.

Modifications will be given.



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