Kate Williams

I stumbled into my first yoga class about 13 years ago on a student gym membership, and
still remember it to this day. In truth, it took a little while for me to understand what it was
all about because the transformations were both subtle and gradual, and not always
tangible. The progression is not linear because there is no end goal – which is quite an
alien concept in our culture where we are always striving towards something and getting
distracted on the way.
I took my 200hr teacher training in 2014 and never looked back. It is an honour and a
privilege to be able to share even just a fraction of what this vast and ancient system of
knowledge can offer, and I will never forget what it feels like to be a beginner.
Because there are so many styles of yoga on offer, I think it’s more important than ever to
come back to the basic principles of what yoga is – the union between everything – and
how we can take it off the mat. For me, the physical aspect is just a fun entry point into
something far deeper and more profound: the real magic begins with the breath. It is also a
wonderful thing to better understand how the body functions and how that is intrinsically
connected to our state of mind. Which in itself heeds great potential for healing and
My own teaching follows the Hatha-based lineage of the great yogi and healer Tirumalai
Krishnamacharya and his son T.K.V. Desikachar, who really emphasised the importance of
adapting the practice to suit each individual and their present circumstances.
For this reason, I try to teach in such a way that everyone can find and build their own
practice within the class and then be able to enjoy yoga at home too.

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