Naz Fisher

I have always loved yoga & fitness, and after bringing up three beautiful children it became my profession in 2015. I have taught classes and still do at most of the leading health and fitness centres around Northamptonshire. I also teach yoga inspired stretch classes for the academy students at Football CV in Stamford and I’m a personal trainer at Becca Mclachlan Fitness Studios in Brampton Heath.

I’m extremely passionate about teaching as I adore movement to music as it makes me feel amazing becoming totally immersed in the moment, when you come along to my class you’ll experience this too.

In freestyle fitness yoga and yoga stretch the yoga postures are taught from a fitness perspective, using my guidance you will learn to explore your body and see where you can push yourself. It’s your journey and I’m just here to help you. I look forward to sharing my passion with you and promise you will come away from my class feeling amazing!!

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